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2 Hours in our AI Business Simulation = 3 Months of Project Management Experience

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

MANAGING STAKEHOLDERS is a live workshop that teaches how to influence and persuade project partners to build consensus, using an artificial intelligence simulation.

Fuse - Igniting Communication's state-of-the-art simulation workshops provide real-life business experience by leveraging artificial intelligence. It is like an online chess game where simulated players change how they respond based on what interactions you initiate with them. This immersive training offers the ability to test project management techniques in a realistic setting, without risking real organizational resource or reputation loss.

Hear from Fuse's CEO how AI simulation workshops can benefit you and your team.

Simulated training provides a lasting impact on self-awareness, behavior, and approach to future real situations. Immersive learning provides high rates in:

  • Attention - Grabs the learner’s focus completely

  • Engagement - Provides hands-on gamified learn-by-doing

  • Retention - Ensures a high training ROI via a brief workshop

Workshop Learning Objectives

Via practice in the simulation, live group discussion, and personal reflection, MANAGING STAKEHOLDERS prepares you to:

  • Cultivate strong relationship and project management skills

  • Prioritize and engage project partners and challengers

  • Collaborate effectively and minimize conflict

  • Influence partners to gain support for new programs and processes​

Beneficial for anyone who wants to engage and influence partners

  • Employees of all levels who need to build consensus with internal and external stakeholders to achieve goals

  • Those who manage or sponsor projects, who must prioritize stakeholder communication


to learn how a workshop can benefit your organization.

Hear what some of our clients have to say!

"Engaging and interactive while providing take away tools and worksheets to be used in the workplace."

- Liz Weber, Project Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"Managing Stakeholders exposes the individual to be conscious of both the subtle and

overt power and influence dynamics that play out in everyday life. Importantly, this course positions the individual to not just be cognizant of the underlying factors, but to use power and influence tools to move ahead in the workplace and in life."

- Dr. Charles Nwamba, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

"Very impressed by the depth of the simulation and the tools that it illustrates!"

- Pat Davenport, Engineering Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Participants from all industries find that the artificial intelligence business simulation workshop teaches to influence partners and build consensus in any scenario.

Contact Fuse to learn more about how this effective, innovative, and flexible training can be customized to fit your business development schedule and goals.

Visit to learn more about MANAGING STAKEHOLDERS

Check out all four Fuse Artificial Intelligence Business Simulation Workshops at


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