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Caryn Auger

Leadership & Team Development Consultant, Executive Coach


Caryn Auger is a dynamic speaker, seasoned consultant, and creative problem solver.  She has the innate ability to think outside the box, offering fresh perspectives and imaginative solutions to her client’s challenges.


Caryn leverages her wealth of experience as a catalyst, infusing teams with not just energy, but an electric enthusiasm that fuels creativity, engagement, and cultivates unparalleled experiences, paving the way for remarkable achievements.

Delivery Tools

  • Insights® Discovery Practitioner 

  • Hogan Assessment Systems

  • Myer's Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Fierce® Conversations

  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

  • Korn/Ferry Leadership Architect/360

  • Denison Organizational Culture Survey

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Education & Training

  • BA- Psychology, Minor Sociology

  • MA- Counseling Psychology

  • National Speakers Academy

  • Designing Virtual Training Certificate (ATD)

  • Communicate to Influence Program-Decker Communications

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More about Caryn Auger


Caryn Auger is a seasoned facilitator and coach with nearly two decades of experience as both an external and internal consultant, driving impactful organizational and leadership development initiatives.


With a history of holding Senior Leadership roles, Caryn has demonstrated her prowess in evaluating company leadership and team performance, effectively pinpointing areas for improvement and implementing actionable solutions. Her diverse professional background and in-depth knowledge of human behavior empowers her to lead and cultivate the growth of others.


Caryn believes that learning should be enjoyable as well as effective. Her approach is designed to not only inform but also inspire.  With a fun and engaging facilitation style, she brings energy, enthusiasm, and a touch of humor to every session.  In partnering with Caryn, you will embark on a collaborative exploration that sparks creativity, fosters meaningful connections, and leaves a lasting impact.


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Caryn's perfect day:

For me, it’s all about embracing the thrill of the moment and diving into new experiences headfirst.  Flexibility is my forte - I navigate changes effortlessly with a nimble mindset.


In essence, a perfect day might include, engaging in invigorating physical activities soaking up nature’s energy, sharing moments with friends and family, indulging in self-care with a rejuvenating massage, and savoring delectable meals without the hassle of preparation. 

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Insights Practitioner


Caryn Auger is a licensed Insights practitioner as part of the Fuse - Igniting Communication distributorship.

Contact Fuse if you are also interested in becoming an Insights Practitioner.


Learn how either you can become an accredited:

  • Client Practitioiner to lead Insights sessions within your organization

  • Licensed Practitioner to lead Insights session for a variety of organizations.

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