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Insights Workshops

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Insights Workshops

Insights workshops result in more respectful, productive, and positive working

relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

This leads to more effective TEAM, SALES, and LEADERSHIP interactions.

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What is Insights Discovery?

At the very start of the development journey is Insights Discovery, a psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung.  Insights Discovery is built to help people understand themselves, how to relate to others, and make the most of workplace relationships.

The Insights Discovery methodology uses a memorable four-color model to help people understand their social style, strengths, and value to their team. We call these behavioral preferences "color energies". It is the unique mix of how much someone prefers using Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, or Cool Blue styles, which determines how and why people behave the way they do and their impact on others.

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Who is it for?

Our Insights Discovery product is suitable for all levels and gives learners the foundation of self-awareness they need to be successful at whatever they do - whether that is developing themselves, working effectively on a team, or leading others with authenticity.

Through Insights Discovery, individuals gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.

It is beneficial for organizations that have some or all team members working virtually

It is excellent for virtual delivery due to travel restrictions, team member geographic dispersion, or sustainability reasons.



Insights Discovery helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so they can have more respectful, productive, and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.


Individuals understand their own and others’ communication preferences


They can connect better with their colleagues to improve collaboration


They have a common language to help better overcome challenges and conflict

Where can it lead?

Everyone receives a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile after completing an evaluator. Using the profiles as a springboard, we work with your people and leaders to tackle the challenges that are standing between them and peak performance, such as effective communication, management styles, sales performance, and finding an environment that inspires them to do their best work.

Key chapters of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile can include:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, and value to the team

  • How you like to manage and be managed

  • Communication style

  • Sales effectiveness

  • Creating your ideal work environment


What is the impact?

The impact of Insights Discovery is what you take with you when you go back to the daily work. Once the workshop is over, we are not content to just leave it there. The real breakthrough happens when the lessons of Insights Discovery are applied back in the real world.

  • When communication is consistently clear and respectful

  • When managers know how to motivate their people

  • When salespeople beat their targets by understanding how to relate to their customers

  • When everyone on the team is working towards the same goals …

… you will realize the measurable impact that investing in people development can bring.

Insights Learning Journey

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Insights Discovery is the start of what can be an even more powerful development journey. If you would like to take your team members to the next level you can explore additional workshops such as:

Team Effectiveness Workshop

Improving team productivity

Our team workshops tackle how to improve collaboration, communication, and working relationships. Defining group development areas will help your team stay connected and productive so they can achieve collective goals as effectively as possible.

Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Transformational leadership to inspire and engage

We help leaders better understand their unique strengths, challenges, and personal preferences. The result is leading through change and uncertainty with confidence and communicating with impact while engaging teams effectively to meet objectives.

Sales and Influencing Effectiveness Workshop

Boosting Performance through connections and results

By looking at the effectiveness of your client-facing people at each stage of the business development cycle, we create strategies to improve customer relations and smash targets. Focusing on the relationship, not the sale, we provide skills to develop long-lasting customer connections.


Help lead transformation within your organization,

while expanding your skills!


In-house trainers and facilitators:

Reach out to explore getting certified to deliver Insights workshops.

Help your organization find more success, and save training budget,

via these outstanding team and leadership development tools.


Receive numerous benefits of being an Insights Client Practitioner such as:

  • Support from the large Insights global training community

  • Fulfillment from delivering high-quality, impactful workshops which develop more self-aware team members, inspirational leaders, and collaborative teams

  • Detailed onboarding program with a plethora of easily accessed continued learning resources

  • Consistent assistance and support from your dedicated Partner (that's us) in all aspects and phases of your Insights Practitioner journey

  • And so much more!


Training facilitators: Email Tracy to learn more!

Or schedule a chat with Tracy here:

Insights Partner


Fuse is a licensed distributor and practitioner of the globally-renowned Insights Discovery brand of workshops.

Contact us to learn how to bring Insights to your organization, resulting in more collaboration, productivity, and revenue. 

Email Tracy or schedule a chat with her today!

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