Academically renowned AI software, combined with live instructor-led discussions, results in:
  • Strengthened leadership skills 

  • Improved project collaboration

  • Proactive brand resilience 

  • Increased innovation

  • High training ROI


The simulations were developed specifically to engage – adrenalin pumps, emotions rise and participants are tested, as if in reality.

The simulated training feels so real, being put into a limited time-frame business scenario with options being thrown at you, with no place to hide. You need to influence others, win support, manage negativity, deliver recommendations, and deal with outcomes.

In the end, though it is not real – so you have the ability to test these skills and techniques, without your mistakes costing resources or reputations. 

​Offered exclusively in the U.S. by Fuse,
these four workshops immerse participants in various simulated real-life business scenarios.


Immersive learning provides a lasting impact on self-awareness, behavior, and approach to future real situations.

  • Attention - Grabs the learner’s focus completely

  • Engagement - Provides hands-on gamified learn-by-doing

  • Retention - Ensures a high training ROI via a brief workshop

"The Managing Stakeholders simulation training I took was very enjoyable.
The simulation was spectacular in how it helped us learn
real-world lessons in a safe test environment."

- Xiangchen Huo
National Renewable Energy Laboratory