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Andi Dickens

Team & Leadership Training Facilitator, Learning Coach, Instructional Designer

Andi Dickens is an Organizational Learning Alchemist who draws on Art, Science, and a little Magic to deliver the best for her clients. 


She leans into the principles of 70:20:10 and Accelerated Learning to ensure that any event she delivers will have a far-reaching and sustainable impact. 


Andi is passionate about creating robust learning events that connect and inspire. She has over twenty years of facilitation experience, across multiple disciplines and business sectors including Fortune 500 Companies, FinTech Organizations, Retailers, and Non-Profits. 

Andi brings a natural energy, an engaging style, and a genuine concern for the learners' experience.

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Delivery Tools

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Education & Training

  • BA – Philosophy and Theology

  • ATD Certified

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More about Andi Dickens


Andi has both in-person and virtual delivery experience with individuals and groups of up to 200 people.  She enjoys the differing rewards and challenges of both mediums.  Whether the event is virtual or in person, she has an intuitive ability to read the room and always aims to provide each learner with what they uniquely need, while maintaining the flow of the course for the group.


Her strong background as an Instructional Designer and Performance Consultant gives her an excellent insight into the broader context of any learning event.  She seeks to continually align learner needs with business goals and objectives. She aims to support learners by connecting their classroom experience with real business needs and daily work-life challenges.


In addition to being a strong proponent of the importance of lifelong learning, Andi believes in the power of Strengths-based leadership to build performance, teams, and lives infused with greater meaning.


Andi is an avid collector and connector of ideas.  She enjoys discovering synergies and alignments and is always learning.

Andi's Manifesto:

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Helping people learn skills and tools to improve their performance and connection with others matters.  This type of learning is at the heart of our human experience.


Learning isn’t about pouring content into people’s heads, it’s about making it easy to consume and connect with, then encouraging them to run with it and create their own unique meaning.  Consumption, Connection, Creation - the 3C’s - are essential for transformative learning to take place.


Finally, don’t wait until you need inspiration, make it a regular habit to go outside and learn from nature.  Look around you and breathe.  Our world is a beautiful place.

With three sons, two dogs, and three cats at home, life outside of work is often busy and messy, so Andi is committed to making sure the work she does matters.


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Insights Practitioner


Andi Dickens is a licensed Insights practitioner as part of the Fuse - Igniting Communication distributorship

Contact Fuse if you are also interested in becoming an Insights practitioner.


Learn how either you can become an accredited:

  • Client Practitioner to lead Insights sessions within your organization

  • Licensed Practitioner to lead Insights sessions for a variety of organizations

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