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Leadership Effectiveness

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Great leaders inspire! 

They motivate the people they manage, as well as their own leaders, peers, and the entire organization.

What is it?

Leadership Effectiveness workshops teach current and emerging leaders how to master more than a set of management skills. Learn how to be an effective leader who creates a compelling vision, produces positive results, and maximizes the effectiveness of your team through shared goals and values.

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness helps people become the best leaders they can be. 

Check out this video to learn more about Leadership Effectiveness workshops.

Who is it for?
Leaders who want to ... 

Upskill their leadership style

Make decisions based on critical priorities and not be pulled off course 

Behave in alignment with their core purpose and values

Be really honest about what is important to them and take a stand on it


How does it work?

Building on the Insights Discovery foundation, we work with leaders to explore their personal leadership styles and unique value. Via live, facilitated group workshops and coaching sessions, leaders learn how their individual styles and preferences impact others. When leaders examine their effectiveness in each of The Four Manifestations of Leadership areas they build self-awareness and understanding of others. This equips them to adapt to motivate all team members via each of their unique preferences. 

Application of it

Show up as a valued, impactful leader to those you lead

Know how to get the best from team members

Have better coaching and one-to-one conversations

Build a more valued and respectful team environment


What is the impact?

The Discovering Leadership Effectiveness program helps leaders make a more positive impact by understanding their strengths and areas for development ... and finding balance. This leads to their people being more motivated, engaged, inspired, and productive.

The Four Manifestations of Leadership, which is the hallmark of an effective leader, is a balancing act of all four communication approaches introduced as "color energies" in Insights Discovery.


Results Leadership

Excelling in Results Leadership requires a strong task focus and superior prioritization skills, enabling the leader to be objective and rigorous in rationalizing problems and challenges.

Visionary Leadership

Excelling in Visionary Leadership requires
leaders to look outwards to the environment,
using their intuition to make connections and
see possibilities that others miss.

Relationship Leadership

Excelling in Relationship Leadership requires
a focus on nurturing relationships, building
mutual respect and collaboration, and ensuring that consideration is central to all interactions.

Centered Leadership

Excelling in Centered Leadership requires leaders to focus inward, reflecting on their thoughts, feelings, values, and motivations. Centered Leaders are alert to what is going on in the moment, paying full attention to the task at hand.

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