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Our why: Cultivate greater openness and acceptance of varying perspectives,
so that people experience stronger connections.

Our Story:

A Spark to Help Others Inspired the Launch of Fuse - Igniting Communication

Before launching Fuse - Igniting Communication, founder Tracy Graf held senior marketing, communications, and project management roles with prominent international corporations. 


“In 2015, my boss, the CMO (now CEO) of Vail Resorts, asked me to take on a leadership project to deliver Think on Your Feet®, a workshop teaching how to communicate with ‘Clarity, Brevity, and Impact®’, to our 300-person marketing team. I discovered a new passion for facilitating communications skills workshops that help others interact more effectively and efficiently.” 


In 2018, recognizing that so many organizations struggle to communicate effectively, Tracy harnessed her previous communications leadership experience to start Fuse - Igniting Communication. We teach professionals of all levels powerful and effective communications skills, via workshops that improve interactions for a healthier, more productive workplace.  

Today, Fuse - Igniting Communication offers a variety of virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops which improve workplace communication skills in the areas of:


- Team Collaboration

- Transformational Leadership

- Partnership Development


Mission statement:

Fuse delivers effective communication workshops, which ​spark collaboration that drives results.


Organizations across the U.S. are transformed via our communication trainings. Clients experience improved employee performance, greater collaboration, and enhanced clarity.

Fuse is the exclusive U.S. provider of four simulation workshops that use artificial intelligence technology to simulate months of realistic work experience in only a few training hours.

Fuse also facilitates and distributes Insights Discovery workshops which are globally known to help people better understand themselves and others, improving workplace relationships. 


Our expert workshop facilitators across the U.S. deliver exceptional workshops for organizations from Fortune 100 tech companies to outstanding small businesses and non-profits.

Fuse is a City and County of Denver certified Small Business Enterprise, Minority/Women Business Enterprise, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.


Please reach out to plan a customized workshop to help your organization drive positive results.  

Tracy Graf Headshot


Tracy Graf, SHRM-CP is Fuse's CEO, a certified training facilitator and communications coach. She has 20 years of leadership experience in learning and development, marketing, and project management with prominent international corporations. She led teams of professionals to grow revenue for over 25 prestigious international brands in her positions with Vail Resorts, Life Time Fitness, Disney on Ice, and Ruder Finn Public Relations. 


Leveraging her vast background in communications-focused roles, Tracy coaches teams to communicate more effectively. As the owner of Fuse - Igniting Communication, she is increasing success for a variety of prestigious organizations across the globe.

She works regularly with Fortune 500 tech companies, renewable energy agencies, and prestigious universities. Tracy also enjoys servicing many small-to-medium-sized organizations starting on their employee development journey. 

Tracy Graf, CEO & Facilitator

SHRM - CP, CVF™, Insights Partner

Our trainers are certified in dozens of learning and development tools and programs to improve workplace communication which inspires team collaboration, leadership and partnership development. 

As big fans of lifelong learning, we continue to gain accreditations to provide our clients with the best workshop experiences possible. Here is a list of our current ones ... 

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Professional Accreditations & Affiliations

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  • Small Business

  • Minority/Women Business

  • Disadvantage Business

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