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Experience running a major organizational change initiative in an artificial intelligence computer simulation workshop with live instructor-led discussion 

Too often managers and leaders, who are skilled at managing business-as-usual, are thrust into leading and managing a change initiative without the necessary skills and tools. This leads to stress, chaos, and failure.


Learn to not only survive change, but thrive.

Develop proactive resilience in this risk-free simulated environment.

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Workshop attendance results in cost savings and revenue growth for your business 

Workshop Learning Objectives: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how and why individuals react to change

  • Consider the effects of commercial, personal, emotional, and political factors

  • Weigh integration options following a merger, such as new systems and staff reduction

Beneficial for those charged with leading transformation initiatives


  • Executives managing major leadership changes, acquisitions or mergers

  • Senior leaders preparing for a digital transformation, outsourcing, or resizing project

  • Middle-level managers looking to qualify to lead change projects in the future

Workshop Video Summary
Downloadable Workshop Summary