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A workshop of influencing partners to build consensus, in an artificial intelligence virtual simulation, with live instructor-led discussions ​

Develop listening and guiding skills, vital to managing projects

Earning buy-in and approval from multiple parties, often with conflicting interests, is a challenge.

Learn to better manage complex, fragile stakeholder relationships within a risk-free simulation. Live discussion about empathy and influential leadership guide participant decisions. Workshop competition reveals how to achieve the ultimate balance of revenue goals and stakeholder demands.

The workshop can be delivered virtually or in person in classroom. 

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"The simulation was spectacular in how it helped us learn real-world lessons in a safe test environment." - Xiangchen Huo, Postdoctoral Researcher at National Renewable Energy Lab

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Via practice in the simulation, live group discussion and personal reflection, Stakeholder Engagement prepares you to: 

  • Cultivate strong relationship and project management skills 

  • Prioritize and engage project partners and challengers

  • Collaborate effectively and minimize conflict

  • Influence partners to gain support for new programs and processes

Beneficial for anyone who wants to engage and influence partners

  • Employees of all levels who need to build consensus with internal and external stakeholders to achieve goals

  • Those who manage or sponsor projects, who must prioritize stakeholder communication

Workshop Video Summary
Downloadable Workshop Summary
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