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Sales and Influencing Effectiveness


Inspire your client-facing people to exceed goals

We take customer success to the next level by making it personal.

By focusing on the relationship, we provide your team skills to develop long-lasting connections with each of their clients, partners, and potential customers.

What is it?

Drawing on the depth of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, our Influencing and Sales Effectiveness workshops help people understand how they can use their unique style to influence their customers, partners, and potential clients. 

We look deeply into a consultative model that encourages a personal connection to the customer and immediate application of the learning. Practicing a customized approach to each relationship allows participants to contribute on a new exceptional level to their team goals.

Watch this video to learn more about Sales and Influencing Effectiveness workshops.

Who is it for?

With our relationship-based selling approach, meeting your customers' needs will become as easy as pie. Influencing and Sales Effectiveness workshops are for anyone who wants to successfully influence their customers and stakeholders, by strengthening human connections.


How does it work?

Understanding personal communication style is key. Yet it is the application of that knowledge that can take success to the next level.

By focusing first on increasing self-awareness in client-facing people, and helping them adapt their approach to others, we help them identify their customers' needs upfront and spend less time on overcoming objections.

By quickly building better relationships the business development cycle is accelerated, leading to increased success.

Our Sales and Influencing Effectiveness program is extremely practical and immediately applicable.

Filled with exercises and focused on action planning for success, we show you how to apply what you have learned once you are back in the office or out in the field. 

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Ways to use it

Sales and Influencing Effectiveness workshops help your team start smashing expectations by:

Understanding their personal style at each stage of the sales cycle

Building better relationships with customers and colleagues

Creating action plans for how to satisfy customers who have unique needs

What's the impact?

Sales and Influencing Effectiveness is a solid investment because it is based on something that will always be valuable – knowing your customers as well as they know themselves.

Our approach makes the learning real and applicable for when your team is back at work.

You will immediately see the benefits in teamwork, customer relationships, and profitability. Exceeding targets will become the new normal for your group.

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