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"Managing Stakeholders" is now "Stakeholder Engagement"


Fuse is excited to announce that one of our most popular workshops is receiving a communication make-over. Our workshop previously called "Managing Stakeholders" uses AI technology to simulate a three-month long project experience in only a few workshop hours. The main workshop learning is how important it is to engage stakeholders to gain their support for your project plans. The more we engage our project stakeholders in the decision making process, the more buy-in they will have for helping successfully implement the plan, hence the name change to "Stakeholder Engagement".

Fuse CEO, Tracy Graf explains the name change announcement in this video.

Why are stakeholders important?

In the Stakeholder Engagement workshop, like real life, you cannot find success without the support of others. We all benefit when we listen to others' advice. Taking into consideration the opinions of other important stakeholders makes our plans the most well-rounded and effective as possible.

Stakeholder Engagement workshop participants learn to:

  • Cultivate strong relationship and project management skills

  • Prioritize and engage project partners and challengers

  • Collaborate effectively and minimize conflict

  • Influence partners to gain support for new programs and processes

This workshop is beneficial for anyone who wants to engage and influence partners:

  • Employees of all levels who need to build consensus with internal and external stakeholders to achieve goals

  • Those who manage or sponsor projects, who must prioritize stakeholder communication

To find out if the Stakeholder Engagement workshop is a fit for you or someone on your team, please join our next FREE Stakeholder Engagement workshop demonstration.

Visit Fuse - Igniting Communication to receive a complimentary consultation with CEO Tracy Graf. Learn how to bring Stakeholder Engagement to your organization and/or become an accredited workshop facilitator to add "AI Simulation" workshops to your list of offerings.


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