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Is Coronavirus teaching us to be more inclusive?

Insights CEO Andy Lothian says in his latest blog:

"Coronavirus is causing an unprecedented level of disruption. Its applying greater pressure that is manifesting in many more ways than we could have conceived. So how do we navigate all of that successfully? By investing in our own self-awareness and developing those brilliant ‘human skills’ of empathy, curiosity, humour, communication and leadership."

"There was a time when those skills were called ‘soft skills’ – they’re not. They’re hard skills. They’re essential skills. They’re human skills that help us be more understanding and valuing of difference – and that makes us more inclusive. Investing in your human skills is the gift to yourself that will keep on giving, and one you’ll never, ever regret – I promise.

And if the world needs anything right now, it’s people who have heightened self-awareness, who value difference and who encourage inclusion."

To read Andy Lothian's full article click here.

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