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Interactive Workshops That Simulate Real Business Scenarios, Develop Real Business Skills

Fuse's AI Business Simulation workshops employ academically renowned artificial intelligence software and live instructor-led discussions, resulting in:

  • Strengthened leadership skills

  • Improved project collaboration

  • Proactive brand resilience

  • Increased innovation

  • High training ROI

The simulation training technology was developed specifically to engage – adrenalin pumps, emotions rise and participants are tested, as if in reality. These gamified workshops feel so real, being put into a limited time-frame business scenario with options being thrown at you, with no place to hide. You need to influence others, win support, manage negativity, deliver recommendations, and deal with outcomes. In the end, though it is not real – so you have the ability to test these skills and techniques, without your mistakes costing resources or reputations. Many are faced with a level of decision-making in the simulation that they have not yet experienced. This better equips them for bigger roles and responsibilities in their real work life.

Check out this testimonial video from a partner who implements our AI simulation workshops.

Offered exclusively in the U.S. by Fuse, these four workshops immerse participants in various simulated real-life business scenarios.

​Offered exclusively in the U.S. by Fuse, these four workshops immerse participants in various simulated real-life business scenarios.

Simulated Training Benefits

Immersive learning enables learners to experience real learning situations which deliver a lasting impact on the individual’s self-awareness, behaviors, and approach to future real situations.

  • Attention - Grabs the learner's focus completely

  • Engagement - Provides hands-on gamified learn-by-doing

  • Retention - Ensures a high training ROI via a brief workshop

Training efficiencies are increased through this method of learning by trial and error.

Fuse's blog, If You Had a Choice, Would You Pick Directive or Interactive Learning? explains in more detail why interactive learning is directly related to participants' knowledge retention.

One of our workshops, Stakeholder Engagement, simulates why it is vital to the success of any project to strategically manage partner relationships. Read more in our blog about Prioritizing Your Project Stakeholders.

Learn more about our Artificial Intelligence Simulation workshops at

Are you interested in leading our AI Simulation workshops yourself?

Contact Fuse at to learn about becoming an accredited facilitator.

About Fuse - Igniting Communication:

Fuse offers a variety of workshops focused on improving workplace

communication skills in the areas of:

-- Inspirational Leadership

-- Team Collaboration

-- Partnership Development

Reach out to learn about our virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops customized for your group.

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