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How to Value and Recognize a Wider Variety of Voices

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

According to Harvard Business Review, “Women are 20% less likely than straight white men to win endorsement for their ideas; people of color are 24% less likely; and LGBTs are 21% less likely.”

Fuse is delivering valuable workshops for clients, where we share tips, and brainstorm unique applications for their organization, to encourage the entire workforce to help improve workplace interactions with all team members. We recently led sessions for hundreds of employees at one organization and an intimate group of 12 at another.

We cover the following and more as this live conversation unfolds:

1. The Value of Recognizing a Wider Variety of Voices & Opinions

2. How to Identify When Voices are Being Restricted

· Condescending Tone

· Un/conscious biases

· Talking over or taking credit for someone else’s idea

· Belittling vocabulary

3. How to Curate an Inclusive Meeting Space

· Invite a wider variety to the table

· Be an active listener

· Provide space for other voices

· Intervene if others are talked over

4. How to Ensure Your Voice is Heard

· Control emotions

· Overcome interruptions

· Use precise language

· Provide constructive, growth-oriented feedback

Participants will walk away with a toolkit of techniques to ensure a wider variety of voices are valued and recognized in their workplace.

A wide range of people whose practices, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other characteristics are classified as a minority group, are struggling to have their voice heard in the workplace. If you would like to host one of these workshops for your organization contact Tracy at or visit


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