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Did You Miss Fuse at The Colorado Convention Center?

Fuse - Igniting Communications was invited to participate in the recent Project Management Institute® Mile Hi Symposium on August 27, 2021. Tracy Graf, Fuse's CEO, energized the audience as the featured lunchtime speaker, sharing the Colorado Convention Center stage between luminaries Daymond John and Aron Ralston, along with many other great speakers.

Check out highlights from the August 27 Project Management Institute® Mile Hi Symposium:

At this event, Tracy delivered on Fuse's mission to:

“Teach effective communication,

which ​sparks collaboration that drives business success.”

PMI Symposium participants were able to learn about "Stakeholder Engagement" in an engaging way, participate in the presentation conversation, and walk away with suggestions that could be put into action immediately! Each attendee practiced building their own customized plan to identify, prioritize, and engage their key project players.


Fuse's full Stakeholder Engagement workshops provide a risk-free virtual environment simulating a three-month project relationship management experience in an 8-hour live instructor-led workshop. Attending a full workshop allows participants to:

  • Cultivate strong project relationships management skills

  • Prioritize and engage project partners and challengers

  • Collaborate effectively and minimize conflict

  • Influence partners to gain support for programs and processes

In appreciation, Fuse - Igniting Communication is providing a

20% discount through Sept. 15 off the

Nov. 3 & 4 “Stakeholder Engagement” full virtual workshop

that uses artificial intelligence technology to simulate months of project management experience.

Click below to use code SEPSAVE to save on registration!


Other Upcoming Live Public Workshop Samples:


If your organization is looking for interactive presentations to improve workplace communications skills or relationship development, reach out to see if Tracy Graf is the right speaker for your needs

To learn more about Tracy Graf, read a recent publication from "ShoutOut Colorado".

Are you interested in leading our artificial intelligence simulation workshops yourself?

Contact Fuse at to learn about becoming an accredited facilitator.


About Fuse - Igniting Communication:

Fuse offers a variety of workshops focused on improving workplace

communication skills in the areas of:

-- Inspirational Leadership

-- Team Collaboration

-- Partnership Development

Reach out to learn about our virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops customized for your group.

Register for one of Fuse's upcoming events

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