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Insights Discovery Training in St. Louis

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The success of any business depends on the teamwork of employees and managers at every level. When teams stop cooperating effectively, it’s hard for any organization to reach its potential. However, differences in the way each of us communicates doesn’t have to be a drain on the workplace. Your employees’ unique communication styles can be a major asset when they are understood and harnessed.

Fuse - Igniting Communication provides powerful team and leadership development workshops for businesses across St. Louis. Our training uses innovative Insights® Discovery psychological research to help employees connect and bring out the best in each other. Contact us today to discover what’s possible when you empower your employees to succeed together with the help of team and leadership development training in St. Louis.

Team and Leadership Development Workshops in St. Lous!

Fuse - Igniting Communication experts lead

Insights® Discovery engaging and interactive team-building workshops to help companies in St. Louis and the surrounding area harness their employees’ communication strengths and improve their interpersonal connections.

Our team and leadership workshops in St. Louis are hosted either virtually or in-person. We cater our workshops for businesses of all sizes in and around St. Louis and the surrounding communities in Missouri and Illinois like West County, South County, North County, Central West End, St. Charles, Madison County, and St. Clair County.

Our workshops improve rapport, relationships, and productivity, enabling individuals and the organization as a whole to confront problems, create solutions, unlock potential, and achieve goals.

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Our workshops improve rapport, relationships, and productivity, enabling people to achieve their collective goals, confront problems, and unlock potential. How Does Insights® Discovery Work?

Fuse - Igniting Communication team and leadership building workshops rely on transformative

Insights® Discovery research. Utilizing a psychological assessment based on the findings of Carl Jung’s research regarding the way people behave, Insights® Discovery workshops explain to your team members their individual and others’ communication preferences.

The collaboration-boosting process begins with a brief online personality test before your employees attend a workshop.

Insights® Discovery Personality Test – Your team members complete a fun and easy communication assessment before their scheduled workshop. This assessment provides an in-depth profile that allows the individual to better understand themselves and how they connect with others.  In order to make this new information easily digestible, communication preferences are initially presented as 4 different colors - fiery red, earth green, sunshine yellow, and cool blue. Each of us has the ability to communicate differently, but we have a preference of how we typically communicate. 

Insights Assessment St. Louis – Each workshop participant receives a personalized profile which indicates where their preferences are in relation to their team members. This customized Insights® Discovery profile is full of communication tips, tools, and techniques unique to their behavioral preference strengths and areas of opportunities.

Corporate Communication Training Workshops
in St. Louis

Our expert practitioners bring everyone together for a team workshop, where participants examine their “color energies” and dynamically illustrate how they differ and align with their coworkers. Everyone’s communication preferences, but not the details of their report, are displayed on a “team wheel” which illustrates who they most align with in communication preferences and with whom they differ. Our skilled practitioners facilitate exercises demonstrating how even those who appear to be completely opposite in their preferences, can truly complement one another and work together for the benefit of the team.

From start to finish, our interactive workshops provide teammates with an unforgettable visual of where and how their communication preferences sync up. Breakthroughs experienced in the workshops are immediately and seamlessly put into practice in the workplace. Employees are newly empowered to better foster teamwork and avoid hurdles that hinder productivity, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.  

What We Do
Ready for More?

After your initial Insights Discovery workshop, your organization can grow with additional training workshops.

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Improving Team Productivity - Our team workshops tackle how to improve collaboration, communication, and working relationships. Defining group development areas will help your team stay connected and productive so they can achieve collective goals as effectively as possible.

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Transformational Leadership - We help leaders better understand their unique strengths, challenges, and personal preferences. The result is leading through change and uncertainty with confidence and communicating with impact, while engaging teams effectively to meet objectives.

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Boosting Performance - By looking at the effectiveness of your client-facing people at each stage of the business development cycle, we create strategies to improve customer relations and smash targets. Focusing on the relationship, not the sale, we provide skills to develop long-lasting customer connections.

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?


Who Is Insights Discovery Training For?

Insights® Discovery organizational training tools help employees at St. Louis companies and corporations understand their and their colleague’s communication styles. Setting a date for a Fuse - Igniting Communication workshop is a proactive move for companies seeking to improve their workforce, increase collaboration, and meet collective goals.


Insights® Discovery team training in St. Louis is a transformative step toward effectively connecting colleagues who may have vastly different approaches to office and client interactions. Together teams learn how to harness one another’s strengths and skills. This process of finding collaboration where there was previously conflict leads to real gains for any business.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll notice immediately after a Fuse-Igniting Communication interactive workshop:

  • Transformed workplaces, being more respectful and collaborative

  • Connected colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries

  • Improved feedback

  • Advanced leadership skills

  • Streamlined communications between you, your employees, and your clients

Flexibility for Your Next Insights Discovery Workshop in St. Louis or Beyond

Insights Discovery training can take many different forms depending on the current team development needs of your staff and organization. If employees are remote, an interactive and lively virtual team-building session provides a fantastic learning experience to bring about change in your company. Anyone across the globe can participate online via the video conferencing platform of your choice.

If your staff is based in St. Louis, or anywhere else in the United States, a collaborative in-person team development workshop can truly energize a team. These are typically held in an indoor meeting space of your choice. Fuse also delivers workshops in the great outdoors when teams prefer a setting in nature.

If you’d like a dynamic, face-to-face experience with our skilled Insights Discovery practitioners, St. Louis’s Fuse-Igniting Communication should be your first choice. Our dedicated staff goes the extra mile to make sure your team reaches insightful breakthroughs while having an amazing experience offsite from the daily workplace setting.


Contact Fuse For St. Louis Team Development Workshops

We teach professionals of all levels powerful and effective communication skills through workshops that improve interactions and foster a healthier, more productive workplace.

If that’s a goal your company values, please contact or one of our many qualified, certified workshop facilitators, for help in finding the right option for your staff members.

We tailor our exciting team-building workshops to meet your company’s training goals. If you are seeking professional development training in and around St. Louis, you owe it to your employees and clients to explore how a fun team-building workshop can inspire your team to perform at its best.

Tracy Graf Headshot


Tracy Graf, SHRM-CP is Fuse's CEO, a certified training facilitator and communications coach. She has 20 years of leadership experience in learning and development, marketing, and project management with prominent international corporations. She led teams of professionals to grow revenue for over 25 prestigious international brands in her positions with Vail Resorts, Life Time Fitness, Disney on Ice, and Ruder Finn Public Relations. 


Leveraging her vast background in communications-focused roles, Tracy coaches teams to communicate more effectively. As the owner of Fuse - Igniting Communication, she is increasing success for a variety of prestigious organizations across the globe.

She works regularly with Fortune 500 tech companies, renewable energy agencies, and prestigious universities. Tracy also enjoys servicing many small-to-medium-sized organizations starting on their employee development journey. 

Tracy Graf, CEO & Facilitator

SHRM - CP, CVF™, Insights Partner

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