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Insights Discovery Training in Boulder

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Everyone has a unique communication style. These differences don’t just affect our personal relationships, they show up in our interactions in the office with co-workers and clients. These different communication styles can limit outreach and growth as well as slow productivity. However, with tools that alter perspectives and improve understanding, communication differences can become the greatest strength of your company.

Fuse - Igniting Communication provides interactive and enlightening team and leadership development workshops in Boulder and across Colorado. Our informative and fun team retreats allow your employees to understand themselves and their coworkers better. The benefits are noticed immediately and your organizational goals become easier to reach.

Team and Leadership Development Workshops in Boulder!

Fuse - Igniting Communication presents team and leadership development workshops in Boulder that build long-lasting interpersonal connections between every member of your staff.  

Our experts lead Insights® Discovery team-building workshops that engage every level of employee from c-suite to managers to front-line employees. Your team members emerge from our workshops better equipped to communicate more effectively with each other and your clients.

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Using individualized personality tests, participants receive a profile that details their unique behaviorial preferences.


To simplify the initial learning, participants’ communication preferences are presented as four different colors – Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green. Our workshop leaders utilize this information to guide participants through a communication discovery journey in either a virtual session or an in-person event, which can be held in Boulder or any Colorado location. Face-to-face workshops can be held in a boardroom, conference center, or even a local outdoor open space or pavilion. Our interactive workshops are perfect for corporations facing the challenge of re-uniting virtual employee teams locally, nationally, and internationally.  

We lead these empowering courses for businesses of any size, catering to the needs of all companies and corporations in the greater Boulder and Denver areas.

Fuse - Igniting Communication works with all industries, including, but not limited to:

  • Biotech

  • Aerospace

  • Technology

  • Oil and Gas

  • Outdoor recreation

  • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Insurance

  • Financial

  • Manufacturing

  • Public sector

  • Non-profit

  • Any organization looking to improve their workplace interactions

Insights Assessment Boulder

Insights® Discovery is an interactive, live learning experience that supercharges collaboration between coworkers and clients.

Our workshops rely on research provided by Insights® Discovery. It’s a transformative psychological tool based on the work of Carl Jung, a pioneer in analytical psychology. Through a simple series of questions, the Insights® Discovery evaluator determines each of your employee’s unique communicative styles.  

What We Do
Ready for More?

After your initial Insights Discovery workshop, your organization can grow with additional training workshops.

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Improving Team Productivity - Our team workshops tackle how to improve collaboration, communication, and working relationships. Defining group development areas will help your team stay connected and productive so they can achieve collective goals as effectively as possible.

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Transformational Leadership - We help leaders better understand their unique strengths, challenges, and personal preferences. The result is leading through change and uncertainty with confidence and communicating with impact, while engaging teams effectively to meet objectives.

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Boosting Performance - By looking at the effectiveness of your client-facing people at each stage of the business development cycle, we create strategies to improve customer relations and smash targets. Focusing on the relationship, not the sale, we provide skills to develop long-lasting customer connections.

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?


Personality Based on Colors

Insights® Discovery uses a simple color wheel to make the differences in communication preferences easier to visualize.

Prior to attending one of our illuminating

Fuse - Igniting Communication workshops, participants take a quick and easy online assessment that generates their unique communication preferences profile.  Each participants’ Insights® Discovery profile is full of communication tips, tools, and techniques unique to their behavioral preferences, strengths, and areas of opportunities.

Team members discover they prefer a Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, or Cool Blue style, or likely a combination of more than one style. Once they have the chance to read over their results, employees are ready for a group training session where the secrets of these interesting categories are unlocked via dynamic team exercises.

Unlocking the Power of Personality

Once your company’s workshop day arrives, our skilled practitioners guide everyone on a revealing look at their personality colors and how they affect the communication choices they make. Your employees are suddenly aware of how they interact with teammates and how they are perceived.

The personality profile gives everyone a revealing peek at their own, sometimes hidden, strengths as well as the strengths of others. The profile also aids participants in better understanding how to connect with those who may have different communication preferences. Equipped with new-found knowledge, employees begin to convey their ideas more effectively and discover how to harness the unique talents of those around them.

While the detailed results of each team member’s profile is only shared with that individual, the generalized results are shared with the team. A “team wheel” graphic shows how each team member’s communication preferences are similar and different from their peers. Fuse’s live team development workshops help teams in Boulder and across Colorado achieve their potential and bypass frustrating communication obstacles.


Leadership Development in Colorado

Fuse - Igniting Communication also provides ideal leadership development experiences in Boulder. The same color-based research applies to management techniques and communication with employees. Participants learn where they fit on the Four Manifestations of Leadership Color Wheel and where they might improve in areas they may have been ignoring.

Leaders learn how to best motivate their team members and eliminate blockers for them so they can:

  • Show up as a valued, impactful leader to those they lead​

  • Know how to get the best from team members

  • Have better coaching and one-to-one conversations

  • Build a more valued and respectful team environment

Our leadership effectiveness workshops give your management staff the tools to support and nurture their team members. Your leaders return to the workplace with the tools to highlight strengths, better understand and connect with others, and elevate their teams to new heights.

The Path to a Better Workplace Culture in Boulder

Time spent with the Fuse - Igniting Communication team is an investment in your organization. Your staff members begin to connect to colleagues across a variety of geographical and cultural boundaries and soon the benefits for your business emerge.

  • Fuse teaches individuals and teams to communicate effectively.

  • Effective communication sparks collaborative innovation.

  • Collaborative innovation drives business success.

Insights® Discovery focuses on improving rapport, relationships, and productivity. This enables employees to work together, positively confront problems, and unlock potential.

Our workshops open a dialogue and build a safe platform for conversation. Work teams reach a common method of communication so that they achieve collective operational goals.

Schedule Your Staff Development Workshop in Boulder

We coach professionals of all levels to establish powerful and effective communication skills through workshops that lead to positive interactions. Our illuminating training sessions and one-on-one coaching create a healthier, more productive workplace which is a powerful tool for building a more successful business.

If these are goals your company values, please fill out our contact sheet, email, or directly contact one of Fuse’s many certified facilitators to discuss training options in Boulder beneficial to your team.

We tailor our exciting team-building workshops to meet your company’s goals. If you are seeking professional development training anywhere in Boulder or the surrounding areas, explore how a Fuse – Igniting Communication team development workshop can inspire your team to perform at its best.

Tracy Graf Headshot


Tracy Graf, SHRM-CP is Fuse's CEO, a certified training facilitator and communications coach. She has 20 years of leadership experience in learning and development, marketing, and project management with prominent international corporations. She led teams of professionals to grow revenue for over 25 prestigious international brands in her positions with Vail Resorts, Life Time Fitness, Disney on Ice, and Ruder Finn Public Relations. 


Leveraging her vast background in communications-focused roles, Tracy coaches teams to communicate more effectively. As the owner of Fuse - Igniting Communication, she is increasing success for a variety of prestigious organizations across the globe.

She works regularly with Fortune 500 tech companies, renewable energy agencies, and prestigious universities. Tracy also enjoys servicing many small-to-medium-sized organizations starting on their employee development journey. 

Tracy Graf, CEO & Facilitator

SHRM - CP, CVF™, Insights Partner

Caryn Auger.jpg

Caryn Auger, MA

Master Group Facilitator, Team and Leadership Consultant

Caryn has been providing coaching, consulting, and facilitation to individuals, teams, and organizations for over 20 years.  Caryn is certified in many tools including MBTI, Insights Discovery, Hogan Assessments, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect, Fierce Conversations, Denison Organizational Culture Survey,  as well as multiple 360 instruments. Caryn is based in Colorado and travels all over for client work.

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