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Use Think on Your Feet® to Develop Emerging Leaders

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Amanda James, COO at McLuhan & Davies Communications, believes it is necessary for the future growth of organizations to invest in your employees. She says:

"The majority of professionals aspire to become leaders within their organization. And yet, 78 percent of employees feel that their companies are failing to provide leadership programs for new managers.

Whether through training new hires or mentoring leadership candidates, it's important to invest in your employees and the future of your organization.

Think on Your Feet® is a globally-acclaimed communication workshop that can be used to develop emerging leaders and equip them with the skills needed. Here are some tips of how workshop participants use Think on Your Feet® techniques:

Answering tough questions: acknowledge listeners' concerns, ask clarifying questions, and adapt the question to provide a clear response. This demonstrates respect while also buying more time to answer the question effectively and in the moment.

Engaging with senior executives: Mentally scan the audience to identify their needs, paying careful attention to their background knowledge on a topic, and to acknowledge any hopes and concerns they may want to have addressed. This will help the speaker to build affinity with listeners and appear more confident.

Performing under pressure: Speakers should state their theme and announce their three main points, telling their listener what their topic is about and how they plan to discuss it. Then they can walk the audience through each succinct point and finish off by recapping what was just discussed.

Communication is the most sought-after skill in today’s workplace. McLuhan & Davies Communications is a global leader in business communication training. Through a portfolio of award-winning workshops, it has helped thousands of professionals worldwide by transforming how they think, write, speak, and lead."

Fuse-Igniting Communication is an accredited facilitator of McLuhan & Davies Business Communications Trainings.

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about Think on Your Feet for your team, or register HERE by September 8 for the September 22 & 23 public live virtual workshop.

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