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No More "Death by PowerPoint" Training

We’ve all experienced “death by powerpoint” trainings that turn your team into disengaged zombies. Fuse’s professional development workshops are so engaging that they are exciting enough to wake the dead and help turn any zombie horde into a high-functioning team.

Data show that live instructor-led learning experiences are far superior to self-paced, content-based (written or recorded) training, no matter what the subject. An instructor will skillfully guide participants through the materials and questions while arriving at the end goal of the workshop. In content-based courses, students may move too quickly without completely understanding the concept. These information gaps could cause more problems in the long run, including an organization paying for additional training that could have been avoided with an instructor-led workshop.

We continue this week's Halloween blog series with "Zombie CEO", Tracy Graf expressing how Fuse's workshop can shift disengaged team members to fully engaged and inspired collaborators.

Looking for something new and innovative to add to your training plan?

of engagement in a risk-free setting while elevating professional skills. Our simulation workshops were developed specifically to engage – adrenalin pumps, emotions rise and participants are tested, as if in reality.

If you want to know more about live, instructor-led training compared to content-based learning,

go to to download our report on

"Three Conclusive Reasons Why Live, Instructor-Led Training Can

Provide Tremendous Value to Your Organization".

About Fuse - Igniting Communication:

Fuse offers a variety of workshops focused on improving workplace

communication skills in the areas of:

-- Inspirational Leadership

-- Team Collaboration

-- Partnership Development

Reach out to learn about our virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops customized for your group.

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