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Suppose you're boarding a plane to fly to your dream vacation destination...

Which training method would make you feel most confident that the pilot is proficient enough to transport you safely?

A. The pilot read manuals and watched videos to learn to fly

B. The pilot practiced in realistic flight simulators and received live instruction from an expert with step-by-step practice of how to take off, fly, and safely land the plane

Laying out the two options probably makes the answer obvious, and highlights our learnings based on interviewing fifty high-level leaders about effective workplace training strategies. The overwhelming preference was an approach like method B with an interactive, realistic, instructor-led, real-time learning experience.

The benefits of live, instructor-led training outweigh the benefits of content-based training, as you can see below:

We found three key reasons instructor-led facilitation is superior:

#1- Live instructors are preferred because they adapt live training to

students' needs and ensure understanding

  • Answering questions live, in the moment encourages student curiosity and adapts to the pulse of the class.

  • Correcting misperceptions or misunderstandings helps move the class forward with a more robust understanding of the material.

  • Students' comprehension of the material with a live instructor saves precious time and valuable resources, making teams better prepared.

Rebecca Ritter, Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Kaiser Permanente, shared her thoughts: "The live conversation that happens with a facilitator and other participants is so valuable. Even well-designed asynchronous online learning can't possibly replicate the live experience."

Fuse - Igniting Communication's CEO, Tracy Graf, captured all of this information in one useful article.

Hear more from Tracy in the video below.

About Fuse - Igniting Communication:

Fuse offers a variety of workshops focused on improving workplace

communication skills in the areas of:

-- Inspirational Leadership

-- Team Collaboration

-- Partnership Development

Reach out to learn about our virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops customized for your group.

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