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Something big has happened!

Fuse was recognized for recent achievements, please read the press release below.

Fuse - Igniting Communication Earns Key City & County of Denver Certifications

A leading provider of professional development training, Fuse - Igniting Communication is proud to announce that it has earned three notable certifications from the City & County of Denver.

Bolstering its extensive list of existing qualifications, Fuse has now earned Denver certifications as a:

  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

  • Minority/Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE) and

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

According to Tracy Graf, Fuse owner and CEO, these certifications further demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing engaging and innovative communication workshops for companies in the Denver metro area and beyond.

Fuse is well-known for providing valuable virtual and in-person workshops that help companies achieve a higher level of success,” said Graf. “These certifications further demonstrate our capabilities and commitment to helping Denver organizations increase team cohesion, improve employee retention, and enhance customer relations.

The City & County of Denver certification involves a rigorous interview process to prove key credentials that demonstrate a company’s professionalism and reputability. Obtaining one or more certification assures clients that a business is qualified to perform at a high level and ready to effectively fulfill exclusive public contracts. It’s also an important way for local businesses to differentiate themselves and help other organizations identify and fulfill the certified business relationships they seek.

“By attaining these City of Denver certifications, Fuse is demonstrating that our company is a valuable, respected partner for forward-thinking enterprises who want to reach their full potential and gain a competitive edge in their industries,” said Graf. The certifications will allow Fuse to be considered for public contracts as an officially declared women-owned and small business enterprise.”

Servicing a variety of prestigious clients across the U.S., Fuse delivers immersive learning experiences focused on improving communication skills. The Denver-based company helps organizations boost their team’s potential with a diverse offering of informative professional training workshops designed to drive results via improved communication.

A variety of important topics are covered in Fuse’s workshops, including inspirational leadership, which helps motivate and engage team members; lead change initiatives; and navigate crises and other sensitive or difficult situations.

A variety of other Fuse workshops improve team collaboration, helping companies realize cohesion where there was previously conflict. These trainings upskill teams to quickly build consensus and action plans that increase harmony and energize innovation.

Further, Fuse workshops enhance clients’ partnership development skills, helping clients secure and cultivate better partnerships and customer connections, while enriching current and potential relationships.

As the exclusive distributor in the U.S. of several cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence business simulation workshops, Fuse provides participants with realistic practice leading multiple month projects in the matter of a few training hours. This gamified learning method provides a lasting impact on self-awareness, behavior, and approach to future real situations. These simulated trainings help companies cope and thrive in the face of shifting priorities, technologies, employee wants, and client needs.

Fuse leverages extensive experience in leadership, sales, project management, public relations, brand strategy, and client relations to provide a customized coaching approach for a variety of businesses,” said Graf. “Our workshops help companies achieve their boldest goals by learning how to create, establish, and maintain productive relationships with external clients and internal employees who make their companies succeed.”

About Fuse

Fuse helps drive results by delivering innovative and engaging communication workshops virtually, in-classroom, or outdoors. We work with a wide variety of organizations across the U.S. to enhance their team and leadership communication skills, which improves productivity and business outcomes.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Fuse specializes in internal and external relationship development that helps clients unlock team potential and achieve their goals.

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