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No More Corpse-like Workplace Interactions!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Improving your organization's communication will awaken people and lead to improved value for your business. Imagine a workplace where corpse-like interactions are a thing of the past!

  • Fuse - Igniting Communication teaches individuals and teams to communicate effectively

  • Effective communication sparks collaborative innovation

  • Collaborative innovation drives business success

Human connection increases learning and sometimes healthy competition among participants.

Here is day 4 of the zombie blog series for your entertainment, delivered by Fuse - Igniting Communication's CEO, "Zombie" Tracy Graf.

Experts agree! According to Caryn Auger, Senior Leadership Development Manager at Contentful points out: "Conflict management is such a delicate situation that you cannot learn how to have a productive conversation only interacting with a computer. Practicing out loud in the moment with a live facilitator and audience, noticing their emotion, etc., can never happen with a computer."

Reach out to learn more or schedule a consultation to learn how a private customized training plan can fulfill your organization's training goals!

If you want to know more about live, instructor-led training compared to content-based learning,

go to to download our report on

"Three Conclusive Reasons Why Live, Instructor-Led Training Can

Provide Tremendous Value to Your Organization".

About Fuse - Igniting Communication:

Fuse offers a variety of workshops focused on improving workplace

communication skills in the areas of:

-- Inspirational Leadership

-- Team Collaboration

-- Partnership Development

Reach out to learn about our virtual, in-classroom, or outdoor workshops customized for your group.

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