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When work teams within your company aren’t performing at their best, it can be hard to pinpoint what needs to change. Oftentimes, it’s a fundamental communication problem that holds your employees and your business back.

Different backgrounds and perspectives empower team members to reach incredible heights. But these same differences can lead to interpersonal obstacles that slow down collaboration, problem-solving, and the development of ideas.


Fuse - Igniting Communication provides interactive and enlightening team development workshops and coaching in California. These informative experiences help your employees understand not only how they communicate, but also how they are perceived by others. With a new outlook on what teamwork really means, the health and success of your business improve dramatically.

Team and Leadership Development Workshops & Coaching in California

When your employees participate in our individualized yet team-orientated workshops and coaching, they’ll be experiencing the full transformative power of Insights® Discovery psychological research.

Our program starts with individual psychological assessments that are completed beforehand by each participant. These short, fun personality tests have team members answering illuminating questions about themselves.

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What to Expect During Insights Discovery Workshop

Each team member receives a confidential personalized profile based on their assessment results. These results, based on the renowned psychological studies of Carl Jung, initially categorize participants into 4 primary colors based on their tendencies and preferences when interacting with others. These colors include: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue.

Based on the collective results of the team’s individual profiles, our skilled California Fuse - Igniting Communication Insights® practitioners lead team-building journeys. One aspect of this journey is the interactive color wheel, where participants are able to physically see where they are in their communications preferences in comparison to their co-workers. This illuminating exercise provides teammates with an unforgettable visual of where their behavioral preferences are synched, where they may differ from coworkers, and a better understanding of how this can help or hinder their communication with one another.

California Employee Personality Profiles

Equipped with the results of their psychological profiles, participants begin to engage more effectively with one another while individually and collaboratively experiencing “lightbulb” moment of realization and self-actualization. Not only are these individual and team breakthroughs unforgettable, the positive effects stay with your employees as they return to the office.

After working with our skilled Fuse - Igniting Communication professionals, employees learn how to adapt their communication style to better connect with their audience, the clients, and the team.

Employees begin to see others with newfound clarity and develop renewed connection. Each employee is empowered to foster teamwork and avoid communication pitfalls that hold businesses back.

Fuse – Igniting Communication California Workshops & Coaching Tailored to Your Company

We are happy to deliver our transformative workshops and coaching anywhere in California.

Our workshops fortify individual relationships, boost team morale, and foster productive, goal-orientated environments. Fuse - Igniting Communication workshop facilitators bring team development workshops to life and provide every member of your staff with the tools for ongoing communication, leadership, and team success.

Train-the-trainer accreditations are available for internal employees to be certified to deliver Insights® Discovery workshops for your organization. We work with companies and corporations of all sizes throughout California.

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?


Mission statement:

Fuse delivers effective communication workshops, which ​spark collaboration that drives results.


Organizations across the U.S. are transformed via our communication trainings. Clients experience improved employee performance, greater collaboration, and enhanced clarity.

Who Is Insights® Discovery Training For?

Insights® Discovery gives California employees the tools to understand and optimize their own communicative styles while appreciating and supporting the styles of others.

Our communication-focused training and coaching is great for organizations whose team members work virtually, hybrid, or on-site and for teams large and small. Our customizable workshops and one-on-one coaching translate exceptionally well to an online experience. However, workshops can also be held live, in-person at a conference center, outdoors, or other meeting space near your California office.

Our California team development workshops and coaching can:


  • Connect colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries

  • Provide a safe platform for feedback conversations

  • Help individuals examine how their communication styles impact the team

  • Assist employees in utilizing their differences to benefit the team dynamic and reach individual and collective goals

  • Develop methods of communication that utilize the strength of every team member

  • Empower employees to foster free-flowing information

  • Provide leadership development in California. Managers have a much easier time supporting and nurturing your valuable workforce when they understand how to maximize each team member’s contribution.

Contact Fuse for California Team Development Workshops & Coaching

We coach professionals of all levels powerful and effective communication skills through workshops that lead to positive interactions. Our illuminating training sessions and one-on-one coaching create a healthier, more productive workplace.

If these are goals your company values, please fill out our contact sheet, email, or directly contact one of Fuse’s many certified facilitators to discuss training options beneficial to your team.

We tailor our exciting team-building workshops and coaching to meet your company’s training goals. If you are seeking professional development training anywhere in California, you owe it to your employees and clients to explore how a fun team-building workshop can inspire your team to perform at its best.



Tracy Stayton, MA, CPC, ACC
Team and Leadership Development Training Facilitator, Coach

Tracy is a dynamic leadership coach and facilitator specializing in organizational communication, change management, and professional development in both the public and private sectors. Drawing from over 20 years of leadership experience, as well as a MA in Communication and iPEC Coaching Certification, she works to uplift and empower individuals and teams. She regularly delivers Insights Discovery, Think on Your Feet, and The Skilled Presenter workshops. Tracy is based in California and works frequently in Oregon and Wisconsin.

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