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Insights Discovery Training in New York City

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When your employees hit roadblocks to effective communication, a Fuse – Igniting Communication team building workshop is a powerful solution to get ideas and information flowing again.

Fuse - Igniting Communication provides interactive team and leadership development workshops in the New York City area. Our training uses innovative Insights Discovery® psychological research to help employees better understand their similarities, differences, and how to turn conflict into collaboration. This newfound insight allows them to build a solid foundation of communication and teamwork based on real personalized data. The outcomes of your team building workshop will have positive benefits for your employees and business as a whole.

Team and Leadership Development Training Workshops in New York City

Fuse - Igniting Communication presents engaging team and leadership development workshops in New York City. We collaborate with businesses of all sizes and deliver interactive virtual training sessions or in-person team retreats.

Insights® Discovery is an exciting live learning experience that will invigorate collaboration among coworkers. Those benefits will transfer to your customers and clients, not to mention your bottom line.

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Insights® Discovery Breakthroughs New York City

Our online workshops are perfect for companies that have employees in NYC and across the globe. These enlightening sessions can also be hosted in-person if your team is lucky enough to all come together for a face-to-face training. Our live, group training is designed as an amazing leadership and team building experience for companies with employees based in places like Queens, Manhattan, Midtown, Brooklyn, Long Island, Harlem, So Ho, along Wall Street, in every borough – even across into New Jersey and beyond!

Fuse - Igniting Communication training workshops lead to more effective team, sales, and leadership interactions. We partner with New York area companies providing financial services and healthcare, those in manufacturing, retail, and many other industries. All organizations can benefit from improving their team communication, right?!


What Is Insights Discovery®?

Insights® Discovery” is a psychological tool used to measure a person’s behavioral and communication styles. It’s based on Carl Jung’s highly renowned psychological research and for ease of understanding it classifies communication preferences into four color categories – Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

These easy-to-comprehend quickly categories are assigned after employees take a short and fun personality assessment before the workshop. Their personalized results allow participants to examine their unique communication preferences and how they impact others negatively or positively. They may be a fiery red, an earth green, a sunshine yellow, a cool blue, or a mix of several, as most of us are. Each personality type has its own communication style strengths and opportunities for adjustment to connect more effectively with others. Bringing awareness to this allows participants to quickly strengthen professional relationships, both internally and with external partners, clients, and vendors.

Personality Profiles New York City

Each participant is provided with a customized Insights® Discovery profile that is full of communication tips, tools, and techniques unique to their behavioral preference type and style.

On workshop day our expert practitioners bring everyone together to examine their “color energies” to dynamically illustrate how they are similar and different from their coworkers. It is a powerful revelation for participants. In addition, it helps identify the reasons for breakdowns in communication, provides opportunities for goal setting, and allows paths to goal achievement to become more clear.


Insights Assessment New York City

The results of your team’s communication assessments are displayed on a “team wheel” graphic to show where each member’s communication preferences are similar and different from their peers. Our certified workshop facilitators guide healthy conversations about how the team can flex into different communication and leadership styles to bring the most productivity and success possible to the organization. Your group will gain positive insights about themselves and how to improve interactions with others. Our goal is to improve how your team communicates, eliminating growth barriers and increasing success.

A Fuse - Igniting Communication Insights® Discovery training workshop is:

  • Simple: easy to understand and remember, so everyone can apply what they learn

  • Universal: speaks to everyone - your whole organization will feel included and captivated by the Insights magic

  • Positive: supportive language energizes people to adapt to the needs of others

  • Sustainable: you can easily continue progress with activities provided for a long-term high ROI

  • Validated: continuous research and validation ensure that the psychological theory is current and applicable

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?


Who Is Insights® Discovery Training For?

Insights® Discovery organizational training is a powerful tool that helps employees at New York City area companies and corporations understand themselves and their colleague’s communication styles.

It is a transformative step toward effectively working with colleagues who may have different approaches to communication. Participants discover how to bridge the gap between personalities far apart on the color wheel. Teams also learn how to harness their own and others’ best attributes and skills. This process of finding collaboration where there was previously conflict leads to true gains for any business.

Insights® Discovery team development workshops:

  • Connect colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries

  • Provide a safe platform for feedback conversations

  • Help individuals understand their own and others’ communication preferences and impacts

  • Leverage individual differences to collaborate more effectively and achieve collective goals

  • Share a common method of communication utilizing the strength of every team member

  • Empower employees with a common language to resolve challenges and conflicts

  • Provide leadership development in New York and beyond. Managers have a much easier time supporting and nurturing your valuable workforce when they understand how to communicate in a way that lifts each member up.

Simply put, Insights workshops result in more respectful, productive, and positive working relationships - even across virtual boundaries.

Contact Fuse for New York City Team Development Workshops

We teach communication skills to professionals in New York City and beyond through team workshops that improve interactions and foster a healthier, more productive workplace.

If that’s a goal your company values, please contact, or one of Fuse’s many qualified, certified workshop facilitators.

We tailor our exciting team-building and leadership development workshops to meet your company’s training goals. Explore how a fun professional development workshop can inspire your team to perform at its best. We are excited to host a workshop for you in the New York City area – or anywhere across the U.S. – virtually or in-person!



Andi Dickens

Leadership and Team Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator

Andi specializes in helping teams and individuals consciously decide who they want to become, then facilitates the process to make transformation happen. She works closely with leaders to identify their values, improve their leadership, and create a vision for the future. Andi helps teams improve their dynamics and gain organizational clarity by facilitating workshops on a number of topics, including strategic planning, roles & responsibilities, team communication,  effective feedback, and managing conflict.

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