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Insights Discovery Training in New Jersey

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Workplace communication pitfalls can hinder any company from meeting their operational objectives. However, team development training can help create clear lines of communication between your employees and your team leaders.

Fuse - Igniting Communication provides powerful team and leadership development workshops for businesses across New Jersey. Our training uses innovative Insights Discovery® psychological research to help employees connect and bring out the best in each other. The result is a more successful outlook for your entire organization. Contact us today to discover what’s possible when you empower your employees to succeed as a team.

Interactive and Effective Team and Leadership Development Workshops in New Jersey

Our engaging professional development workshops in New Jersey are available for businesses of any size across the state.  

Fuse - Igniting Communication is excited to engage corporations with live, virtual or in-person training. Our certified practitioners deliver workshops on-site, off-site, indoors, outdoors, or online. Our virtual communication workshops are perfect for companies that have local employees and/or a workforce across the globe.  

Our collaborative group training is designed as an amazing team and leadership building experience for companies with employees based in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Lakewood, Morristown and anywhere else in New Jersey.

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New Jersey Team Building Workshops for Your Employees

Fuse - Igniting Communication utilizes Carl Jung’s ground-breaking psychological research to guide workshop participants through an illuminating journey of self-discovery. Team members learn about their own communication styles and how they can work in collaboration or cause unintentional conflict with others. 

Participants also gain valuable insight into their coworkers. They learn how to better communicate with teammates whose communication preferences may be very different from their own. These contrasts, or competition within similar styles, often lead to bumps in the road with coworkers. However, with proper communication training, differences can be harnessed to build stronger networks and more effective teams.


Insights® Discovery Breakthroughs New Jersey

Our workshops rely on illuminating research provided by Insights® Discovery. The findings, based on the work of Carl Jung, a pioneer in analytical psychology, help categorize your team members into different personality types.

Personalities Based on Colors

Insights® Discovery uses a simple color wheel to make the differences in our communication styles easy to visualize. Participants take a fun and easy personality assessment online before participating in a workshop. Each participant receives a customized Insights® Discovery profile full of communication tips, tools, and techniques unique to their communication preference strengths and areas of opportunity for growth.

Workshop participants are shown their communication preferences in an easily digestible 4-color matrix - Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. During the group training session team members have the chance to read over their individualized profile results and engage in various interactive activities where the power of these various communication categories are revealed.

Insights® Discovery Profile Assessment in New Jersey

Participants come together for a live, interactive workshop where our skilled Fuse - Igniting Communication practitioners lead team and leadership building journeys. One aspect of this journey is an interactive color wheel floormat, where teammates can physically stand in their wheel position and see where their communication color energy preferences land on the wheel in comparison to their co-workers.

This illuminating exercise provides teammates an unforgettable visual of where their personality types sync up and differ to their coworkers. This activity is a fantastic way to gain perspective on how team members can bridge the gap between their differences with co-workers and better communicate their ideas. This allows for more effective individual and collective goal achievement.

Insights® Discovery workshop benefits compared to other psychometric models

  • Simple: The four-color system is easy to understand and remember, so everyone can immediately apply what they learn.

  • Universal: An inclusive, non-judgemental language allows for honest conversations and feedback. Your whole organization will feel included and captivated by the Insights magic.

  • Positive: Fun, engaging workshops motivate participants to make real change. Supportive language energizes people to want to adapt to the needs of others. This creates a positive workplace and increases satisfaction and retention.

  • Sustainable: Tools and activities provided allow easy implementation on your own to continue progress for a long-term high ROI.

  • Validated: Continuous research and validation ensure that the psychological theory is current and applicable. More on this can be found at

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?


Who Is Insights® Discovery Training For?

Insights® Discovery organizational trainings help employees at New Jersey companies and corporations understand their own, their coworkers’, and clients’ communication styles.

It’s a transformative step toward effectively connecting with colleagues who may have vastly different approaches to work interactions. Teams instinctively learn how to harness everyone’s best attributes and skills. This process of finding collaboration where there was previously conflict leads to real gains for any business.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll notice immediately after a Fuse – Igniting Communication interactive workshop:

  • A more positive and productive workplace

  • A more respectful and collaborative workplace

  • Colleagues connecting across geographical and cultural boundaries

  • Improved feedback

  • Staff members who understand their own and others’ communication preferences and impacts

  • Advanced leadership skills

  • Improved communications between you, your employees, and your clients

Contact Fuse for New Jersey Team Communication Workshops

We coach professionals of all levels to establish powerful and effective communication skills through workshops that lead to positive interactions. Our illuminating training sessions and one-on-one coaching create a healthier, more productive workplace. It’s also a powerful tool for building a more successful business.

If these are goals your company values, please fill out our contact sheet, email, or directly contact one of Fuse’s many certified facilitators to discuss training options in New Jersey.

We tailor our exciting team-building workshops to meet your company’s training goals. If you are seeking professional development training anywhere in Newark, Jersey City, or anywhere else in New Jersey, contact us today to explore how a fun team-building workshop can inspire your team to perform at its best.



Andi Dickens

Leadership and Team Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator

Andi specializes in helping teams and individuals consciously decide who they want to become, then facilitates the process to make transformation happen. She works closely with leaders to identify their values, improve their leadership, and create a vision for the future. Andi helps teams improve their dynamics and gain organizational clarity by facilitating workshops on a number of topics, including strategic planning, roles & responsibilities, team communication,  effective feedback, and managing conflict.

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