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Insights Discovery Training & Coaching in Indianapolis

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Your company is only as strong as the employees that develop your products, sell your services, and cater to your clients. Your work teams need to connect and collaborate to be successful. Unfortunately, however, barriers to communication can develop over time.

Everyone has their own communication style, but when our experiences and differences block effective dialogue, it can hurt the productivity of our work teams and our managers. That can affect the financial success of any business.

Fuse - Igniting Communication provides team development workshops in Indianapolis geared towards improving team communication and collaboration. These informative workshops help your employees understand each other and give them a common language moving forward. You’ll notice the improvements in teamwork and efficiency immediately once your employees understand themselves and their coworkers better.

Team and Leadership Development Workshops & Coaching in Indianapolis

Fuse - Igniting Communication workshops and coaching forge strong lines of communication between the individuals and teams that form the backbone of your company. Interpersonal connections grow organically, and suddenly roadblocks to productivity and business success disappear. These benefits and more result from engaging team workshops in Indianapolis and throughout the Midwest.

Our experts lead team-building forums for companies in Indianapolis, across Indiana, and throughout the Midwest harnessing the principles of  Insights® Discovery. Insights® Discovery is an interactive, live learning experience that can supercharge the collaboration between coworkers and clients. Our time-tested approach allows people to embrace their similarities and differences to unlock their work team’s potential.

Fuse - Igniting Communication’s team-building workshops and coaching in Indianapolis are hosted either virtually or in person. These lively, fully engaging workshops leave attendees with professional insight they will draw upon for years to come.

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How Does Insights® Discovery Work?

Insights® Discovery is a tool that helps people understand their communication styles and associated behaviors.

Fuse - Igniting Communication team retreats and optional one-to-one coaching starts with psychological assessments for each participant using Insights® Discovery research. These simple and fun tests are derived from Carl Jung’s highly renowned psychological research. The confidential answers your employees provide place your them into four color categories – Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

The results of this introductory personality profile test power the Fuse - Igniting Communication experience. Our forums group employees on a wheel of “color energies” according to the way they express themselves to while communicating with co-workers. This illuminating exercise provides everyone with an unforgettable visual of their strengths and where they may differ from coworkers.

Personality Profiles Indianapolis

Team-centered training begins with each member going over a personalized report explaining their psychological profiles. They quickly become cognizant of how they are similar and different from other team members.

Our skilled Insights® Discovery practitioners then lead team members on a group journey to discover how they can communicate their ideas so that their audience, their clients, and the team understand them better.

Afterward, the breakthroughs experienced in our workshops and coaching translate directly into practice in the workplace. Employees are equipped with new, personalized strategies for fostering teamwork and avoiding obstacles that block communication.

Fuse - Igniting Communication will fully organize and host your company’s team development workshop and provide you with the tools for ongoing communication success. Train-the-trainer accreditations are also available for internal employees to earn certification to deliver Insights® Discovery workshops for your organization. We work with companies and corporations of all sizes in cities like Indianapolis, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and across Indiana and the Midwest.

Want to become an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner?



Organizations across the U.S. are transformed via our communication trainings. Clients experience improved employee performance, greater collaboration, and enhanced clarity.

Mission Statement:

Fuse delivers effective communication workshops, which ​spark collaboration that drives results.

Who Is Insights® Discovery Training For?

Indianapolis Insights® Discovery organizational sessions help employees understand themselves and their colleagues’ communication preferences. It’s a major step forward for a team’s ability to effectively collaborate co-workers with different communication styles and backgrounds. This process of fostering cooperation where there was previously conflict can lead to quantifiable gains for any business.

This team development workshop can:

  • Link employees across geographical and cultural boundaries

  • Foster an accepting environment for feedback conversations

  • Help co-workers understand their own and others’ communication preferences

  • Optimize the strengths of individual teammates to reach collective goals

  • Share a common method of communication that utilizes the strength of every team member

  • Empower employees with a common language to resolve challenges and conflict

  • Provide leadership development in Indianapolis. Managers gain insight that helps them uniquely support each individual and work team.  


Contact Fuse – Igniting Communication for Indianapolis Team Development Workshops & Coaching

We facilitate trainings for everyone from entry-level employees to high-level executives. These trainings provide powerful and effective communication techniques that improve interactions and foster a healthier, more productive workplace.

If your company values these outcomes, please fill out our contact form, email, or directly contact one of Fuse’s many certified facilitators to discuss what training options may be the right fit for your team.

We create custom team-building workshops and coaching to meet your company’s goals. If you are seeking professional development training in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary, South Bend, or anywhere in Indiana, schedule an inspiring team-building workshop and/or coaching to help bolster communication and catapult your organization to the next level.



Carol Fabrizio, JD, ACC, CPC

Leadership and Team Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator

Carol specializes in helping teams and individuals consciously decide who they want to become, then facilitates the process to make transformation happen. She works closely with leaders to identify their values, improve their leadership, and create a vision for the future. Carol helps teams improve their dynamics and gain organizational clarity by facilitating workshops on a number of topics, including strategic planning, roles & responsibilities, team communication,  effective feedback, and managing conflict. Carol works in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas.

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