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Professional Training Workshop Descriptions 

Fuse delivers engaging, innovative communication workshops
virtually, in-classroom, or outdoors to help drive results.


Stakeholder Engagement
Crisis Management
Leading Change
Innovatio Change Maker
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  • Learn the art of balancing stakeholder and revenue demands.

  • Master consensus-building techniques to create positive, lasting outcomes with multiple parties. 

  • Sharpen employees’ crisis communications skills and build a plan.

  • Be prepared to handle the worst-case scenario 

  • Experience running a major organizational change initiative in a risk-free environment. 

  • Hone skills needed to gain buy-in on transformational change.

  • Learn to pioneer change, selling ideas and gaining rapid buy-in.

  • Build coalitions of support for change and innovation initiatives.

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Discovery Insights
THE 4 Team Zones
Meeting Facilitation

Team Development Workshops

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  • Improve team rapport, relationships and productivity.

  • Empower team members to confront problems and achieve collective goals.

  • Accurately diagnose where your team should focus to improve.

  • Identify what action your team needs to take to become the best team possible. 

  • Guide your team into productive discussions.

  • Achieve consensus and plan how to achieve collective objectives.

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McLuhan & Davies Busines Communicaton Workshop
Think on Your Feet
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  • Speak and write with clarity, brevity and impact.

  • Be memorable in any setting, from spontaneous meetings to high-stakes presentations. 

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  • Refine your presentation delivery to be more engaging and persuasive.

  • Build confidence in public speaking and craft memorable presentations.

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  • Learn how to write clearly, concisely, persuasively - and FAST! 

  • Become a better writer, overcoming the challenge of readers skimming documents.

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  • Expand your communication style tools to connect with any audience.

  • Adapt to the styles of others to better persuade, manage and improve customer service.

The Skilled Presenter
Writing Dynamics

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