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Tracy Graf

Team & Leadership Development Training Facilitator, Coach

Tracy Stayton is a leader, coach, speaker, traveler, big-thinker, and caring human.

Her focus is collaborating with individuals and teams to create goals, design a road map forward, and achieve positive outcomes that are measurable and sustainable.

Her core values are courage, vulnerability, curiosity, inclusion, and connection.

Leaning into these characteristics and others, Tracy works with clients to create a customized, clear path forward.

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More about Tracy Stayton


Tracy Stayton has a diverse background across multiple professional disciplines including government, sports/entertainment, marketing, sales, and non-profit. Seizing opportunities has created unique life experiences such as:

       Reporting to Mickey Mouse as her boss

       Walking arena halls on game days with some of the best NBA athletes in history 

       Sharing Aloha while coordinating high-level surf competitions on the North Shore of Oahu

       Being invited to speak at Google New York and on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

       Working at Ironman Hawaii and being inspired to complete 2 full Ironman competitions

       Traveling to over 50 countries, half of them as a solo traveler

Utilizing these personal and professional skills, education, and experience, Tracy Stayton collaborates with individuals and teams to curate customized training and coaching sessions where in clients identify goals and achieve positive outcomes that are measurable and sustainable.  


Tracy's perfect day:

Waking up naturally, without an alarm, in my happy places of the mountains or the beach. Starting the day calmly and with intention. A warm cup of coffee outside with the sun on my face. Outdoor activities with friends/family. Lying in a hammock or swinging on a swing. Smiles and laughter. Connection. I’ve been jokingly called a “hoarder of people.” Connecting with people is one of my greatest blessings. I look forward to getting to know you!

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