Four live one-day workshop choices.

Each combines instructor-led discussions with AI technology

to provide months of realistic training in only a few training hours.

The risk-free, simulated environment adjusts based on

whom you interact with, when, and via what communication mediums.

Learn from mistakes that damage relationships and erode trust

in these simulations, not in the real workplace!

Academically renowned artificial intelligence software, combined with live instructor-led discussions, results in:
  • Strengthened leadership skills 

  • Improved project collaboration

  • Well orchestrated change process 

  • Increased innovation

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fuse-igniting-communications-ai-simulation-workshop-laptop-image1-April 2022.png

Our simulation workshops were developed specifically to engage – adrenalin pumps, emotions rise and participants are tested, as if in reality.

The simulated training feels so real, being put into a limited time-frame business scenario with options being thrown at you, with no place to hide. You need to influence others, win support, manage negativity, deliver recommendations, and deal with outcomes.

In the end, though it is not real – so you have the ability to test these skills and techniques, without your mistakes costing organizational resources or reputations. 

​Offered exclusively in the U.S. by Fuse,
these four workshops immerse participants in various simulated real-life business scenarios.

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True-to-life practice motivating partners and adversaries to implement your vision

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Hands-on experience gaining support from peers and leaders for a new product launch

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Firsthand preparation developing measured, appropriate responses … before real crisis happens

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Realistic management practice helping your organization not only survive change, but thrive


Technology Overview

  • Inexhaustible simulation paths

  • Realistic simulated responses

  • Sophisticated social network

  • Advance scoring technology


Our sim tech is driven by AI & plays back w/u like a sophisticated online Chess game

  • the Simulation paths are inexhaustible, as they adjust based on each decision participants make

•Such as if u wait 2 mnths into a 3 mnth project to ask someone their opinion …

•They respond more favorably if u take the time to meet face-to-face

       vs. only using email to try to establish a relationship w/ new contacts

•How would u respond if a stranger was sending u emails??

  • Right! The simulated stakeholders responses are very realistic

  • Participants compete to uncover the right mix of tactics, timing, audiences, & delivery formats to get the best score.

  • It’s not simple like a choose ur own adventure book. There are … over 1 million possible experiences in each game

There is also a …

  • Sophisticated social network - stakeholders influence each other &

  • Advanced scoring tech allows expert facilitator to guide participants to learn from mistakes


Immersive learning provides a lasting impact on self-awareness, behavior, and approach to future real situations.

  • Attention - Grabs focus completely

  • Engagement - Provides hands-on gamified learning-by-doing

  • Learning Retention - Ensures a high training ROI that provides a lasting impact on self-awareness, behaviors, and approaches to future real situations

Learned Centered Experience.png

This is a highly learner-centered immersive experience ...

Each of the sims provides months of hands-on workplace experience in the matter of only a (click)

  • 6-to-8-hour workshop – often split into two half-day sessions, using a (click)

  • 30-page workbook w/ case studies & templates utilized during our (click)

  • live conversations which are customized to each group to ensure they are thinking about

how to apply these new lessons learned to their real work responsibilities.

There are 2-hours where teams of 3 collaborate together in the simulation

competing to get a higher score than the other teams from their org

– we break the sim into 3 segments so teams can play for 40 min or so then


the facilitator reveals scoring Reports & learnings of what each

team seems to be doing well or areas they could strive to improve in the

remaining 2 game segments. (click)

After the simulation is complete there are solid activities to transfer

the lessons & skills learned in the workshop back to the real workplace

Learning Tiers.png

Studies show that hands-on practice greatly improves learning retention.

The "learning pyramid", developed by the National Training Laboratory, suggests that

students only remember about 5-10% of what they learn in passive lectures or reading,

Yet students retain 75-90% of what they learn via practice by doing learning & teaching others.

Our AI sim workshops operate in the 4 highest learning retention tiers

- Demo, Discussion, Practice, & Teach each others via working in teams

Immersive Learning Benefits

​Our clients say the results they see are:

  • Strengthened leadership skills

  • Well-orchestrated change process

  • Improved organizational resilience


Full Workshop Delivery Options

3 options to take part in this gamified learning experience:


  1. Private Customized Workshop - tailored to your group, delivered in-person or virtually by Fuse

  2. Workshop Delivered Under Your Brand - partner with Fuse for your clients

  3. Train-the-Trainer Accreditation - deliver our AI Simulation workshops for your organization or clients

FUSE Communications Training Testimonial


Facilitator Accreditation Process.png

Enhance your organization or client learning experience! 

Deliver our AI simulation workshops under your brand. 

Add a unique AI workshop to your repertoire with our accreditation: 

  • 16 hours of virtual accreditation training

  • Live support during your first workshop facilitation

  • All Workshop IP templates and rights to use to incorporate your own brand:

    • Workshop PowerPoint slides with trainer notes and timeline

    • Editable 30-page participant workshop manual

    • Participant post-workshop Stakeholder Engagement tools 

    • Trainers reporting tool guide and live reporting site access

    • Marketing material templates and ongoing support

  • Simulation licenses for training and practice period

  • Monthly facilitator newsletter with best-practice idea sharing

  • Membership in a global network of accredited trainers

Testimonial Video from a Partner
Downloadable Workshop Summary

Fuse is the proud sole distributor of these four AI simulation immersive learning workshops in the U.S. 

"The Stakeholder Engagement simulation training I took was very enjoyable.
The simulation was spectacular in how it helped us learn
real-world lessons in a safe test environment."

- Xiangchen Huo
National Renewable Energy Laboratory